Special Topic

The first special topic is truly of concern to us all, namely the way we prepare our end, the transfer of our possessions but also of our memories, including our digital legacy.

Clients have asked me what happens -under the law- in the unlikely event (but not completely unimaginable) that both parents die simultaneously in a plane crash: who then takes care of the children?

Entrepreneurs worry about their succession and future management of the business, should they suddenly pass away: who gets the shares and who takes over the management role? And maybe it is also a good a time as any for an ultimate charitable bequest?

It became the start of a legal quest to find out, mainly in a cross-border context, how to make a valid last will. Few topics are more fascinating, and when you click on the first link below, I will try to share some of that fascination with you.

I also include some news items about an 'older' fascination of mine, namely audit liability and the role of company auditors.

Enjoy the reading, Koenraad