Legal Services

I represent clients in sectors such as Consulting, Mining, Printing, IT, etc. When representing private interests, it is mostly in cases of cross-border litigation in Belgian courts. I draft contracts and corporate documents. Audit and accountancy has become a special topic of interest as well as, more recently, testamentary formalities in a cross-border context. 

On those matters I deal with in court, I also offer advice. There are many ways to prevent law suits, both in business and private dealings. 


E.g. - contractual and precontractual liability, tort law- succession disputes  - conclusion and termination of commercial agreements - breach of service agreement- conclusion and annulment of real estate purchase agreement - annulment of the judicial liquidation of a commercial company - claims for damages Etc.

Should you, your company or organisation (or a staff member) need advice or require representation in a court of law in the Kingdom of Belgium, my firm will happily accept the challenge. 

The outcome of your case will determine the fees. Costs and fees can be wholly or partly recovered if the case is succesful. 

If you wish to retain my services, please contact me to discuss your representation in court and the applicable legal fees.

Feel welcome to inquire about services & fees.